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Today’s consumers expects an informative and accessible corporate website. They look for a way to interact digitally on every level ranging from personal to professional. ANANIM can give you the competitive edge you need by having a effective corporate website design and development. While corporate websites do not usually have shopping carts, you still need steady traffic to your sites in order to achieve and maintain quality rankings with browsers. We know the cutting-edge techniques that will propel your website to the top. Let our team of professional designers craft an attractive, unique website that will engage visitors and increase customer interaction.


Our team of experts is able to follow you in every phase: from the idea to the development of your virtual store.

Ananim is the perfect E-commerce platform for growth. We are able to achieve E-commerce Sites of professional custom made. You can trust us to manage every aspect of the development of an E-commerce store.

In addition to the development of e-commerce sites, Ananim offers its customers a wide range of services specifically designed to grow your business.

E-commerce allows you to change almost all of the processes taking place in business today, integrating them into a coherent whole. Users can search, order and pay for goods using the Internet to exchange information about products and services with other users.

The advantages of working with E-commerce Development Company Ananim:

  • We are working on your projects, using only the most modern technology.
  • We provide full development cycle, including such steps as installing and supporting created solutions.
  • We use Agile methodology, which allows to make the development process more flexible, fast and efficient.
  • Our pricing model is set to minimize the risks and you can choose the most convenient method of payment.


We at Ananim recognize the importance of information in any communication. Every business enterprise wish that they should be able to communicate all its information to their customers in a seamless and continuous manner over the internet.

Content Management System (CMS) works like a tool which is used to control the content of a dynamic website. These contents may be text, images, files, web links. The processes which fall under CMS include creation, publishing, organization, storing and maintenance of any and all content on the website. Content managers can easily handle such systems as they are very easy to handle. Such content management services distinguish between content & visuals and page structure. Thus structural designs can be changed regularly without affecting content and placeholders. Similarly, content can be updated without affecting design.

Looking at the costly content management systems available in the market, Ananim has developed it’s own content management system. Our clients who use our services for CMS, can modify their contents like text, images and files on the websites themselves. They don’t require any support for this. Ananim integrates this feature for their clients on their request and they feel it very economical.

Content Management System Features:

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