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Website Development

Pulling all the pieces together to create a better web solutions for You.

We serve the needs of various global verticals with customized solutions that include SaaS applications, e-learning platforms, b2b and b2c portals, e-commerce sites, startups, project management, customer relationship management and the enterprise resource planning systems.

It's sometimes hard to know what you might need or want, when you're in the starting blocks of building a new website.

We are trying to create a wonderful websites. which are tailored by your specific needs and yet they’re still attractive to visitors.

The design and layout of your website is a absolutely critical in conveying the right impression to your customers. From UI/UX design to the application development, we make our expertise work for you.

We combine our extensive experience in user experience design with best-in-class development processes with the latest technologies.

We listen to your wants and needs, and create design layouts that satisfy you as well as providing a great experience for your clients.

Website Development Services

Every one of our applications is a unique blueprint of your idea on the web.

Coding is still a very important part of helping your website display correctly and consistently. It's also a key component of search engine optimisation and can help with your search engine ranking results.

We are experts at writing well constructed HTML and CSS, ensuring that your website looks the best it possibly can in today's modern browsers.

We provide a custom made content management solution to our customers, that exclusively fit for the small and medium business owners who can design and develop custom and dynamic website within minutes.

We are committed to design and develop websites that look great and are simple to use.

Web Development Services

  • Website Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Information Architecture Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Hosting
  • Consulting and Support

Website Re-Design Services

Think for a moment! Does your website have potential to appeal your customers? Has it been designed in view with today’s customer requirements? Make sure whether your website is easy to navigate or not? Also confirm whether your website is search engine friendly or not?
In today’s technological era, your website represents your business.
Our experienced professionals will re-design your website by keeping in view the day by day changing demands and needs. We will design a website that will grab the attention of your customers or a visitor.

Website Maintenance Services

Our professional business oriented approach has made us to stand different from the rest of web design companies. Ananim has gained outstanding reputation by providing maintenance services to all its existing clients, They are over whelmed and satisfied by our services and willing to maintain a long term relationships with us.
No need to employ full time web designers or web developers and no need to buy open source software or tools. We provide maintenance services for fixing any kind of problem on your web page. Software integration, Content modification, updates, Modifying images, graphics, videos, Adding or removing page, Website design modifications, improving the existing websites.
We complete web maintenance job within a given time frame. We can also maintain your website effectively without the help of your previous Web Design services firm.

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